Petland Bolingbrook, IL

Memes Jr.

Memes Jr.

July 19, 2017

I love this place. My family is huge on dogs, and we like to go to these kinds of stores just to look at them. They live the Naperville one more because it has a bigger selection, but I personally like this one better. I absolutely love hamsters but my family thinks they look like rats so they’d never let me get one. I love getting to look at the hamsters and play with them, although the open cages to small animals gets children too excited for them and many times I’ve seen kids drop them (in the tank) and pick them up poorly. I’ve stopped a handful of kids from dropping them, but it doesn’t really help if I don’t hang around. I like how interactive you can be with the small animals very much. I’ve had amazing experience with the fish section too. Just the other day I had a little water bottle to have my water tested and the guy that helped was super nice. I planned to get some african dwarf frogs for my tank along with some extra fish, and the guy seemed pretty familiar with everything and told me to get my fish first so everything was safe. I absolutely love this place!

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